As Christians, we strongly believe that we show our love for God by showing love for one another.  This is why works of love and mercy are essential to our Christian calling.  It is not so we can earn points with God, but out of God's saving grace, we are moved to show acts of kindness and love to our fellow brothers and sisters on earth as well as taking seriously our responsibility of being stewards of God's creation.

care and share

Care and share is an initiative where food parcels can be delivered to people who are struggling financially, especially if they have fallen through other nets.


This is designed to help those who are in immediate or short term need, if they have been unable to find help from other charities such as food bank.


We are always looking out for volunteers to shop, pack, and deliver, as well as being in need from generous donors.  


If you feel you can help, please contact Rev Juliet on 01492 596655 or

food bank

Every church within the mission area has a foodbank collection point.  The idea is for people to donate small amounts regularly which are collected together and distributed to local people who are in need.


People who qualify for food bank provision are given tickets which they can use in exchange for food.  


If everyone in church gave just a tin a week, it would amount to a huge monthly donation across the mission area.


We also need people who will diligently take the donations on a regular basis to the central collection point.  


If you could donate, or would like to share the responsibility of taking food to the collection center, please speak to the vicar of that church.


The best way in which we can show the love of Christ in the world is through Christians actively living out the gospel of Christ's merciful love in their day to day lives.


This can be through active involvement in our food charities, financially or volunteering for a charity of your choice.  It can also be through humble, anonymous, and ordinary good works throughout each day.


In our mission area we always welcome people to come forward to explore different ways they can live out their vocation to love.  Whether that is through a formal ministry such as a pastoral assistant, chaplaincy, or ordained ministry, or whether it's through something more specific, or less formal.  


Please speak to the Vicar of your church to find out more.