delve a bit deeper

No matter how long we have been a Christian, no matter how long we have been going to Church, no matter what our faith has already seen or experienced, there is always another step along the journey to go.  If you want to explore a bit more deeply elements of our faith, take a look below


Bible briefs aims to meet every other Wednesday evening.  Recently, we have been meeting via zoom, which proves to be popular.  We study a book of the bible exploring some deep questions and having insightful discussions with people from a wide range of backgrounds.  Click here to find out the date and zoom link to the next meeting.  

Prayer meetings

On the second Thursday of each month, we have a mission area prayer meeting.  This is usually held during the day and consists of an opening reflection followed by about an hour of open prayer.  People often come and pray as the Spirit moves them, and people also come and pray in the silence of their hearts.  This is open to everyone.  Click here to find out the date and venue of the next meeting.


Twice a year, usually around lent and autumn, we hold a six week discipleship study which will focus on different themes and journey through a set program.  Our next one is scheduled for this autumn beginning mid October on zoom.